New to ECOF family – Must Know

The following content is designated for new joiners to ECOF family as of Fall 2018.

Econers, The Economics Students’ Committee would like to give you the warmest welcome to the ECOF program.

What courses do I need to take?

In order to graduate, you should fulfill the program/major requirement

  • ECON 2174 or MATH2023 (We would recommend those who plan to pursue a MSc/MPhil/PhD, to take MATH2023 instead of ECON2174)
  • ECON 3334 (Econometrics is one of the most important subject in the world of Economics. The skills and knowledge that you can acquire from the course is extremely useful no matter you are doing a Postgraduate dgree or working in the business world; )
  • ECON 3113 (Micro I, taught by Department Head – Prof. Leung, graduate from HKU and UChicago, focusing on microeconomics research. This course is one of the most difficult courses offered by ECON department in UG level)
  • ECON 3123 (Macro I, an easy course for ECOF, no worries)
  • ECON 3133 (Micro II, another quantitative course which requires extensive use of multivariable calculus)
  • ECON 3143 (Macro II, after FINA trainings, by that time ECOF students should find Macro courses extremely easy)
  • 3 ECON 4000-level electives (you may pick those you like, we recommend you to take all 3 Econometrics electives which are ECON4274, ECON4284, and ECON4304 as they are extremely useful)
  • FINA 3103 (Extremely easy course, everyone can score extremely high in this course, good luck to your grade)
  • 2 FINA 3000-level + electives (again, pick those you are interested; If you want to enjoy a taste of Finance Theory, go take Prof. Liu Xuewen’s FINA3303.)

How to Plan my career?

As ECOF is one of the most competitive programmes in SBM, HKUST. We expect students joining the ECOF program is as well competitive and aggressive. Econers would recommend you to explore proactively about the possible opportunities in the Business World and start preparing for it as soon as possible.

We would take this chance to introduce you our Econers Club 2018 and Peer Mentoring Programme which provides you the platform to gain network and train your soft skills necessary for internships and management trainee positions.

-> Econers Club 2018: Details

Want to ask?

E-mail: (We will keep everything confidential)

or e-mail ECON/ECOF UG Coordinator: eckwsiu (at)

or e-mail ECON/ECOF Advisor : leonna (at)

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