Econers T-shirt Pre-order
[Econers T恤預訂|Econers T-shirt pre order]
一年一度嘅T-shirt pre order 又黎啦!!!!!!!入到科大,想感受下著住頹T上堂而又不失霸氣,結識下唔同嘅新同學?? 最wild 既T-shirt將會為你的盛夏留下深刻的烙印~~
Econers T-shirt 一定可以滿足到你!
心動不如行動, 快d拉埋你班朋友仔一齊黎買啦

價錢: $60 (預售價);(即日起到8月15日)
$80 (正價)

即刻click 落下面條link 買啦!

Econers T-shirts is available for pre order from now to 15/8. Students interested are welcome to order. BUY NOW to enjoy a 25% off. Limited offer until 15 August 2018.

Details are as follow:

Price: $60 (pre-order price, offer until 15 August)
$80 (regular price)

(You will receive your T-shirts by Late September or Early October.)

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